Reason for Referral

Infants (0-18 months)

Crying, and Separation issues

Decreased vocalizations

Limited interest in age appropriate toys

Not holding bottle or difficulties with finger feeding

Difficulties engaging or inconsistent engaging

Difficulties attending to you

Difficulties with sleep, eating, and elimination

Hypersensitivity to light, sound, noise, touch, or movement

Difficulties with crowds



Poor registration of pain


Developmental delay

Adoptions from Foster Care


Known neurological issues

Entering pre-schoolers (18 months – 3 years)

Avoidant or hypersensitivity of touch, hands dirty, hugs, tags or socks

Avoidant or resistant to peer play


Choosing clothes by how they feel rather than the appearance

Decreased eye contact

Difficulties managing separation

Difficulties sitting in circle time

Difficulties with transitions or change in routine

Difficulties imitating gestures for communication or songs

Hypersensitivity to sound/noise


Movement; bumps/bruises

Not using fork or spoon

Picky eaters

Preference to play alone

Temper tantrums


Rule out and/or diagnosis of Autism

Illness or hospitalization or frequent travel of parents

Pre-Schoolers (2-5 years)

Avoidance of playground equipment



Difficulties adapting to new environments or routines

Difficulties with attention

Difficulties with flexibility

Difficulties on the playground

Difficulties sitting in circle time

Difficulties socializing

Difficulties standing in line

Difficulties with drawing

Difficulties with fine motor skills including toys or use of pencil and crayons

Difficulties with peers either avoidant or resistant

Difficulties with potty training

Difficulties with sleep

Difficulties with transitions or change in routine

Easily frustrated

Going from one toy to another

Limited repertoire of play when choosing play centers

Over focused attention

Picky eaters

Playing alone or on the periphery

Temper tantrums


Unaware of obstacles in environment

Frequent travel

Illness/hospitalization/loss of parents

Kindergarten (5-6 years)

Avoidance of organized sports

Avoidant or resistant to peers


Difficulties in fine motor skills

Difficulties sitting in chair

Difficulties managing transitions or change in routine

Difficulties tying shoes

Difficulties in drawing

Easily frustrated


Not able to manage the rules in a game

Elementary School (6+ years)

Avoidance of organized sports

Decreased attention

Decreased flexibility and adaptability

Decreased time management

Difficulties getting and staying quiet

Difficulties in fine motor skills

Difficulties in school


Increased activity level

Taking a long time to complete work

Who refers?

Parents • Pediatricians • Pediatric Neurologists • Physical Therapists • Psychologists • Speech Therapists • Teachers

The Practice

We are conveniently located in Coral Gables, FL with ample street parking. The setup of the office includes a waiting room, playroom, and a playground room with hooks for hanging equipment.


Lois Gold OTR, PA – OT Kids

156 Almeria Avenue Suite 205

Coral Gables, FL 33134


Multi-disciplinary Team

My colleagues in the community serve as resources for my clients so that care can be closely coordinated.