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Your child is a unique being. My individualized intervention program and my holistic and interconnected approach to your child’s treatment sets me apart as an Occupational Therapist, through pleasurable, child-led activities that focus on your child’s interest. Initial assessment occurs in a clinical, but naturalistic play environment that supports you and your child playing together. We integrate how your child relates to you and to objects that interest them. Together we come to understand how your child approaches relationships, play, learning, thinking, reasoning, problem solving and activities of daily living, including dressing, self-feeding, tool use and hygiene.

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In order to support their learning, it is imperative that we understand how kids demonstrate curiosity. Their strengths and opportunities for growth need to be understood and differentiated from each other so that we can identify where the treatment process should begin and how treatment options or goals can be prioritized. Typically, parents seek out my services when their children show difficulties in: regulation/emotional regulation, attention, separation, socializing, play, functioning in the classroom, avoidance of people or activity, and participation. These issues influence their capacity to enjoy engagement with their parents and friends and impacts their level of curiosity. Curiosity is the basis for all age appropriate learning. Children with challenges in sensory processing/affect regulation can show hypersensitivity or under-reactivity to sensory stimuli, including emotion, touch, movement, sound, taste, or pain. These issues compromise their sense of mastery over the environment, and therefore in their level of curiosity in the world around them, in their sense of self and their positive self esteem.
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After 40+ years of broad experience in Pediatric Occupational Therapy, I have come to focus on children who struggle in:

Relationships with peers or parents

Organizational or Emotional Performance in the classroom setting

Delays in Gross Motor, Fine Motor, and/or Language Development

Sensory Processing


Affect regulation

Executive function

Using the DIR/Floortime™ Model, my work is considered Best Practice and is empirically supported. It is Best Practice to provide developmentally and relationship based intervention, which is what I provide through parent coaching and/or parent involvement.


Occupational Therapy in Miami and beyond. We offer a variety of services:


Children between the ages of 0-5 years old work most easily within the context of his or her parents/primary caregivers. Treatment begins with the primary caregiver and the child, however I also coach babysitters, nannies and grandparents, aunts/uncles. This is an opportunity to deepen you and your child’s relationship for more complex play and learning. You will develop strategies that you can incorporate into your home environment.

Typically, notes are provided at the end of each session to review and reflect upon at home.


Once a child has been evaluated in-person within the office/playroom setting, parent coaching can be provided through online video call, when his or her family lives at a distance from our office. This is an excellent tool for families who live outside South Florida.


Many schools contract with me to provide professional education and inservice seminars to teachers on teacher planning days. My inservice and consultative services support all domains of function within a classroom. This includes promoting socialization, executive function and play, necessary for the transition to upper grades. Sometimes children are referred for intervention because the activities within the classroom setting might not be developmentally appropriate, thus the child isn’t provided the just right support to function. Consultation with teacher can typically ameliorate this challenge.



We are unable to accept Health Insurance. However, a statement is provided at the end of the month which can be presented to your PPO or POS for reimbursement, as per Insurance Provider policy. Occupational Therapy is typically a covered benefit under you major medical coverage.

All major credit cards are accepted.
All medical records are kept completely confidential.

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